Step Up into Style: All About Stilettos

There’s nothing quite like a shoe that elongates not only your height, but also lengthens your confidence as you walk across the streets. Wowing everyone with its elegant splendour, the stiletto has never exactly left the throne as the ultimate fancy shoe of our closets. With a slender build, and a high heel, the stiletto can be wonderfully styled for office wear, casual wear and of course, party wear. It’s the one style that is both modern and classic, timeless in its appeal yet making every woman look younger than her age.

Different ways to style stilettos

Stilettos for women are versatile enough to be worn with countless outfit options:

Formal wear

Nothing like a power walk in high heels and a fitted suit to impress in office. Giving you that height boost, stilettos make formal wear look extremely attractive and keeps it far away from being boring. Opt for sleek trousers and shirts for a polished look. You can also pair your heels with a fitted long skirt, topped with a clean-cut blazer. Choose on a single defining piece of jewellery that will stand out in your outfit.

Casual wear

Casual wear with stilettos? Bring in the glamour awards because you are going to win this race. While the obvious choice for many women while wearing stilettos is a dress, these heels look magical with denims too. A pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, topped with an oversized pastel sweater and worn with a metallic stiletto seems like the perfect outfit for a casual event in winter. Or maybe a striped turtleneck with fitted ankle jeans, topped with a double-breasted camel coat. Add to this chic outfit a killer pair of pointy-toe stilettos and see how the heads turn.

Party wear

Party wear is incomplete without a striking pair of stilettos to heighten your sex appeal. Out of all the women’s shoe styles out there, stilettos can transform any outfit from boring to bold in a matter of seconds. Be it a floor sweeping glamour gown, to a flared mini skirt atop, your legs will look gorgeous with a pair of high heels. To stand out from the crowd this season, mix and match your prints and experiment with wild colours. A classic option for a go-to stiletto is a patent leather. With endurance and elegance to boot, this shoe will take you many places.

So, we’ve discussed the different ways these sassy shoes can be worn. But it’s a known fact that many women consider stilettos a pain to walk in. for these beautiful ladies, here are our tips to walk in stilettos properly:

  • Buy the right shoe size: This goes without saying, but we’ll still say it again, that an ill-fitting shoe is a potential for disaster. Your foot size changes over the years, so it’s incredibly important to get your feet sized once or twice a year. Also, important to know is your foot type, so you can buy footwear as per the shape of your foot. This helps a long way in reducing pain.
  • Practice your walk: We know that models make it look extremely easy, but no one can move as if they’re gliding on water without a lot of practice. Get your feet accustomed to moving with a high heel. Don’t jump in with a 6-inch heel, instead start out with kitten heels and gradually increase the height.
  • Add insoles: We cannot tell you how useful insoles are but trust us, they are lifeguards ashore a sea of pain. You can get comfortable insoles in any cosmetic store, and this should ideally be the first item in your cart. Alternatively, you can look for stilettos which already have an integrated insole or padding to keep you comfy.

Stilettos are a true gift to women’s wardrobes. Their sleek simplicity makes it an ideal show to befit any woman. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, we suggest you rush to buy these heeled shoes for women online right now.