Shoe Profile: Flip Flop


Flip Flops are not a style statement they are a lifestyle choice.

Flip flops epitomize casual wear. They are the most comfortable and widely worn footwear across the globe. With simple construction and utmost comfort, it’s hard to find a shoe closet that doesn’t have at least one pair of them. Named after the sound they make, “Flip-Flop”, they are the easiest footwear choice you will ever make.

Widely used as home slippers, this wardrobe staple finds its origins back in 1500 B.C., worn by the Egyptians. They started off by making them with papyrus and palm leaves. This worldwide phenomenon was adapted by many cultures and made using materials that were organically available to them. For example, the Masai of Africa, wore flip flops made with rawhide, in India they were made with wood, in China rice straw was used, Mexico used yucca and South Americans made them using leaves of sisal. This humble shoe has been adapted and transformed over centuries, the world over. Romans and Greeks wore them in their own version, as did the Mesopotamians.

The modern version of the flip flop, the one that we see today, was adapted after World War II, when US soldiers brought them back from Japan, post the war. The bright colors and embellishments were adapted as per fashion trends and styles. And today this style of shoes is a summer staple. Beaches, the sun and flip-flops are a trio that was made in heaven. They are the perfect accompaniment for summer, where one can relax in these easy-breezy, extremely low maintenance shoes.



At Metro, we revere this style and carry a colorful line of flip-flops by Ipanema. The rubber sole and twine make them sturdy and ideal for a casual day at work or intense barhopping at a beachy locale. The pop of color offered by them is what you need this summer! So whether you love the beach vibe or just need a comfy pair of shoes to relax in, this style is made for you.