Shoe Profile: Espadrilles – Metro Shoes


Originating from Pyrennean Catalonia and labeled as “peasant shoes” Espadrilles are the new fashion statement, elevating casual looks the world over. When one speaks of espadrilles, it refers to the knotting, twisting and braiding pattern made in natural fibers. But where people often limit themselves is in thinking that espadrilles are flat. Espadrille soles can be used for wedges, platforms, flatforms, and in recent times even in sneakers.
The beauty of espadrilles is that they are multifaceted and can be worn in with an array of outfits. They transition from night to day, movie night to lunch dates, formal to casual, college to workwear and more. Traditionally, espadrilles had closed canvas uppers. However now, they’ve turned into open backs, open toed, peep toes, closed backs and closed fronts.
With all of their variations, the distinguishing factor of the espadrilles is the jute sole. The braided pattern that goes around in concentric circles, are the unique identity of this style of shoes. So whether you’re sporting a sleek loafer style, a cool sandal or a chic wedge, each of these styles can be an espadrille! Confusing? Not at all! Upon seeing the woven pattern you will be able to discerningly tell them apart.

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