Perfect Pair Of Shoes For The Perfect Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding day to be flawless. Wedding shoes play a very important role in rounding off that perfect outfit that you want. Finding the ideal pair of shoes and investing in them for your special day definitely pays off. Metro has a wide collection of wedding footwear for ladies as well as men. These wedding shoes are classy and fashionable and exhibit top-notch craftsmanship. This wedding footwear for men and women is an iconic symbol of style merging with comfort. So check out our collection here at Metro.

Choosing the Bride’s Wedding Footwear

There are several types of wedding footwear for the bride for you to choose from. Here are a few options that you may wish to consider.

  • Wedges: Metro wedges are excellent because they are essentially designed for weddings. These wedges have straps in gold, bronze, and silver with sequins and embroidery, to dazzle up your wedding day. Wedges are one of those wedding footwear for women that team up perfectly with saris, salwar suits, and lehengas too.
  • Juttis: Ladies, wear juttis and forget about height. Nothing beats having the full night to dance, stand, or freely prance around, than a comfortable pair of white slip-on juttis. You can freely enjoy the ceremonies, whether it be a pre-wedding sangeet or a wedding reception. We have a selection of reasonably priced juttis with a lot of choices and variety in design for you. 
  • Block Heels: Block heels are ten times more comfortable than stiletto heels. You can avoid the discomfort of wearing long stilettos and still look elegant in block heels. You can opt for gold heels to look like royalty. Additionally, block shoes are well-supported and thus, would not sink into the carpet, lawn, or sand on your wedding day.
  • Kitten Heels: Kitten heels were created for girls who want to feel comfortable and dance the wedding night away. We also have wonderful nude, double-strap kitten heel sandals that are quite trendy right now, with a few sequins and embroidered details on the strap to let you shine as usual. Additionally, our shoes have a flexible construct and anti-slip bottoms. 

Choosing the Groom’s Wedding Footwear

Any groom would want to convey something special through his outfit on this special day, and the best wedding shoes must align with his liking. Check out a few choices for wedding footwear for the groom below.

  • Oxford Shoes: Oxford shoes are timeless and classy. The traditional colours of black and brown are the most common choices for these Oxford shoes, as wedding footwear for men.
  • Derbys: Check out a pair of black derby shoes for weddings. The dressy look of derbys gives your blue blazer and brown trousers outfit an added edge. As you ascend the stage to make your wedding vows, you will win everyone’s hearts with an effortless fashion statement. 
  • Monk Strap: The monk strap has undoubtedly developed from its basic beginnings, which were centered on comfort and utility, into a shoe that nods to refinement and top-notch style. You can either get them in one strap or two straps. They are an incredibly adaptable choice.

Make Your Wedding Special with Metro Footwear

At Metro, we have filtered down several tried-and-true wedding footwear choices for you. Our superb selection will make sure that you receive all the attention on your D-day without trying too hard. We also have a selection of formal and casual shoes for all wedding guests from 100% authentic brands. We also offer several options for making a secured payment. We also have a generous return or exchange policy. After all, getting married is not something you do every day, and we want to make it special for you. Purchase wedding shoes from Myntra today!