Pamper Your Footwear with Shoe Care Items from Metro

Be it heels or formal shoes, the secret to maintaining them is shoe care. Shoes require special care because you wear them while running or while being on your feet all day at work. At Metro, we provide the largest selection of natural and environmentally friendly products to keep your footwear clean and extend its lifespan, including shoe polish and shoe bags.

Reasons Shoe Care is a Must

A good pair of shoes can take you places, provided you take care of them. Here are three reasons for you to invest in shoe care.

  • Environmental Impact: Shoes that last longer are kept out of landfills for longer. You help reduce waste while using your footwear in pristine condition. This has got to be your prime motive for caring for your shoes.
  • Shelf Life: Some people manage to keep their shoes in good condition even after wearing them for months or years. On the other hand, other people’s shoes seem to break apart within weeks. The simple reason for shoes lasting longer is to take proper care of shoes. It will help you get more bang for your buck. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: You do not want your shoes to dry out by stacking them untouched on their shelves for months on end. Proper shoe care at regular intervals will help them keep up their charm, by keeping the shininess and suppleness in check.

Shoe Care Products You Need

Everyone wants sparkling clean shoes. For that, you must do a little more than simply dust and brush them. One shoe care tip is using products like lotions, sprays, and shoe polishes as they do the job quite well. Check out all these products here.

  • Shoe Polish: A shoe polish is used to give your shoes that extra shine they need to stand out. They are supportive of extending the shoe’s life while making them look good. There are several varieties of shoe polishes available at Metro, right from creams and pastes, to liquids and waxes. They are also available in a gradient of textures. These range from flowy liquids to hard waxes. You can opt for liquids for kid’s shoes, and waxes for formal boots.
  • Shoe Trees: Shoe trees are a great place to start for your shoe care supply collection. These products assist in preserving the original size and shape of shoes. The best sneaker care tip is to place these shoe trees inside them because they will prevent your favourite pair of sneakers from creasing or breaking.
  • Water-Repellent Sprays: Shoes should be protected from snow, ice, salt, or rain. This can be done with the use of waterproofing sprays or conditioning lotions, all of which can quickly deteriorate the fabric. Using this spray regularly is the best suede shoe care tip, as they are a delicate fabric. Before using it, test a hidden area of the shoe with the product, and always abide by the instructions that come along with the product for the best product safety care. 
  • Shoe Conditioner: Another useful tip for shoe maintenance is using a shoe conditioner. Consider a conditioner like a moisturiser for your shoes. You can wave goodbye to wrinkling, fading, cracking, and flaking of shoes, if they are conditioned well. Just dabbing a small amount on a clean cloth, and rubbing the cloth in a circular motion over your shoes is enough to do the trick.

Metro Cares for Your Shoes

The main appeal of these shoe care items is that they are adaptable and can frequently be altered to fit a variety of women’s and men’s shoes. Thus, our products are very versatile and are meant for everyone. We have a very easy and hassle-free purchase system. We also offer quick return or exchange offers on our products. Up your shoe game now. Shop for the best shoe care products from Metro!