Jelly Shoes: Shoe Profiles – Metro Shoes

Jelly Shoes or jellies are going to be your go-to slip ons for the rain. Made with PVC, they are vegan-friendly, sturdy, odor-free and fashionable shoes that make for the perfect pairs of shoes for the monsoon. They are easy to identify and are often introduced in colourful styles and types. They are called jellies because they resemble the translucent hues that you see in jelly. More often than not they also display a playful pop of glitter and are going to be the ideal companion for you this monsoon.

The origins of this shoe are a little murky, because some claim they originated in Brazil whereas some credit the French and some the Australians. When plastic became a common market place product after World War II, designers started experimenting with this type of shoe and the T-strap style gained popularity. Either way, we’re extremely thankful to the genius behind them as they replace leather, canvas and leatherette shoes seamlessly.

They are environmentally friendly, so not only do they feel good on your feet, but also so does your soul, for doing its part for the environment. The gloomy and dreary weather calls for a fun replacement to the mundane blacks and browns and what better way than to add a little whimsy by way of these shoes. They are ideal for the monsoon because they are mostly water repellent and dry up almost instantly, leaving the shoe light and odor-free. A much better upgrade from stodgy shoes that smell nasty!

At Metro Shoes, we carry a line of vivacious jellies that your wardrobe will thank you for. So whether you’re going to be travelling by the metro to work or going to college in the rains, do it in your soon-to-be-favourite Metro jellies. You can buy and enjoy them right here. Go right ahead, get shopping, thank us later!