Invest in your child’s personality this Children’s Day!

You can never deny the purity of a child’s soul. They are so honest and are like a blessing of God. They say yes to things they like and are blunt about things they don’t like. They cry when they are unhappy and jump with joy when they receive candy! They don’t have emotional barriers like us adults. This children’s day, let’s celebrate their innocence and revel in their simplicity.

Don’t you just forget all your worries upon seeing them scream with glee when they see you returning home from work?! Nobody in the world can take away that special feeling you get when you take them in your arms and dance to the rhythm of their jubilance.

It’s magic when they give you love asking nothing in return. Adults should take lessons from children on how to be selfless. It therefore, becomes our responsibility as parents to secure our children’s happiness and innocence. It’s our duty as adults to secure our children’s strengths and outstrip their weaknesses. As Jawaharlal Nehru rightly said, “Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow.”

The first step to raising our children well is by making them wear shoes that go with their aura. You know, like defining their personalities from a young age because you give your kids the right shoes and they can conquer the world!

We, at Metro Shoes want to be a part of your kid’s foundation. That’s why we put a list of specially curated shoes to dazzle your child’s mind and with it, their future personas. Have a look at some of our best selling shoes for children and take your pick right away.


This one’s for all the future studs of the world! These sneakers are so posh; they would make many heads turn their way. These set the tone right for any occasion. Whether it’s a play date or run to the vendors with your little one, sneakers would totally suit your toddler.

The boots truth

Give the girl a pair of sturdy boots and watch her move mountains. That’s exactly our aim at Metro Shoes. These bling boots are perfect for when you’re off on a family vacation in the Alps. Strong and tough, they would totally express your kid’s inkling for adventure from a very young age. These are keepers, readers!

Sandals for the gangsters

Oh what “tamasha” it is to watch your kids play in the park. These sandals are best fitted for young boys aged 6 to 10 years. They make for the perfect pair for evening run along with their grannies and for when they are playing in their building complex driving the neighbours crazy with their shenanigans.

Ballerinas for party dumb charades

Imagine how cute will your little girl look in a perfect pair of ballerinas. Watch her in awe as she takes on the party and dances to her favourite songs, entertaining all the guests with her antics. These would go exceptionally well with her floral dresses and her favourite princess tiara. One for me too, please!

Just sit back and enjoy the whole “one click away” with us at Metro Shoes. Build your child’s personality this Children’s day! For more options, click here: