How to Preserve Your Favourite Leather Shoes

In the world of fashion, leather shoes are a favourite for many. They exude class, sophistication and flamboyance. Moreover, styling leather footwear gets everyone’s attention and helps create outfits with an edgy feel. And the best part is, you can rock these leather shoes at a party, a date, or even your workplace.

7 Ways to Preserve Leather Shoes

As much as one likes wearing leather shoes, taking care of them is also an experience in itself. Moreover, this footwear is so spectacular that you would not want it rotting in your shoe rack. Here are a few methods to preserve them from getting damaged:

Put Them in Our Davinchi Box

Do not keep your leather shoes in paper boxes. They might get exposed to humidity. Always keep them open or in a shoe rack. If you wear them on a daily basis, you can store them in our Davinchi Box. It preserves them very well and keeps them looking fresh and odour-free. If you are wearing a fantastic pair of leather loafer shoes while travelling, you should take this box with you.

Keep Them Away from Water

Make sure that your leather shoes do not come in contact with water. Especially formal leather shoes, as they might not react well to getting wet. And if they do, you can store them among newspapers as they will absorb the water. Do not use a blow-dryer on them as heat can cause harm to the leather

Use a Leather Cleaner

Apply leather cleaner to remove dust, dirt, or any other impurities. If you wear casual leather shoes on a daily basis, clean them after every few uses. It will also get rid of the stench from your leather shoes. Do not use a sponge for cleaning as it contains chemicals that might damage the leather; use a soft cloth instead.

Use a Shoe Tree

Shoe trees are the best for maintaining the original shape of your shoes. Ideally, they are kept inside the shoes when they are not being used. But you can also keep them in while wearing your leather shoes. They do not hurt your feet and are quite comfortable.

Use a Leather Conditioner

You might use a conditioner to protect your hair from the harsh environment. A similar type of treatment is needed for leather shoes. They also require regular nourishment to stay fresh and last longer. Leather conditioners prevent the shoes from losing their natural oils. Use this product at least once a month to maintain the quality and shine of your leather shoes.

Polish Them Regularly

Use polish to make your shoes shiny and glossy. Shoe polish acts like a coating on the footwear and does not damage the leather. You can polish your black leather shoes before a special occasion without sabotaging their quality.

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