The festival of colors is here and we’re ready to rock out in style. The festival of Holi is not only extremely important in Indian culture because of its moral and historical significance, but it also marks the beginning of the summer season. Good triumphs over evil, always, and summer eclipses spring, always.

As spring comes to a bittersweet close, marked by this auspicious day, we, at Metro Shoes, are all geared up with our favourite season of the year, Summer. Let the colors of Holi inspire you to be experimental with a new palette of colors. Spring was all about florals, this month venture into a new array of hues and let the prism of Holi influence you to make those choices.

Like the fire of Holika, burn your spring avatar and rise triumphant in your summer looks. Shed away the classy, understated for sassy and flirty. Summer demands it! Leave behind the ashes of spring and usher in the brightness of summer. We’ve got a lot in store for you, so watch this space for more ideas and inspiration for your outfits!

Let the chants of “Holi Hai” flood your ears as you get ready to be doused in color and colored water. It’ll sneak up on you and surprise you in ways you didn’t even know! Happy Holi!