Get Ready to Shine: Festive Collection Shoes for Every Occasion

Every piece of jewelry you wear is important, and your ethnic shoes can make or break your entire outfit. It is crucial to carefully select your ethnic footwear because it says a lot about your personality. The alternatives for ethnic shoes are numerous and include anything from jutis to slingbacks, kolhapuris to sliders. But it’s crucial to choose the ethnic shoes that will look great with your ethnic clothing. You will fall in love with our festive collection of ethnic footwear at Metro right away! We have a unique festive collection of ethnic shoes, from Kolhapuris that you can pair with your western outfits to authentic street jutis.

Everyone is getting ready to go out in style during festivals and get the best footwear out from the festive collection. One should remember the importance of wearing the appropriate ethnic footwear despite the excitement of acquiring a new dress. Your ideal ethnic footwear should be practical and long-lasting, but it can be enjoyable and innovative, just like the festival itself. To make your feet stand out from the thousands of other festival-goers around you, look for bright colors and prints when choosing ethnic footwear. This festive seasonwe bring you the colours of divinity with our festive collection that truly personifies luxurious bliss (we mean it!)

Kolhapuri Chappals: The ethnic shoes for men


Kolhapuri flats with delicate embroidery and colorful beads are certain to meet your needs, whether you’re seeking a modest, tasteful addition to your sherwani. 

Style tip: Pastel-colored attire would be perfect with kolhapuri chappal for women. Kolhapuri chappal for women can be flaunted by wearing it with an ethnic long dress, churidar, or kurta. Kolhapuri chappal for men can be paired with kurta and pajamas if you’re going to a low-key occasion like a puja. You can choose from standard Kolhapuri colors like tan, black, or brown. It also goes well with a long shirt and churidar pajama. Try on!

Mojaris jutis:

Why not try traditional mojari juttis if you’re seeking a festive footwear choice this season? In the festive collection, these lightweight slippers are ideal for adding a touch of playfulness and variety to your outfits. Add some fun designs and solids to your festive collection and take advantage of the extra warmth they offer on chilly days. Mojari for women go practically well with every ethnic clothing. Mojari for women are a perfect complement to Kurtis, ethnic skirts, lehengas, and even sarees to complete your desi style. Mojari for women is idle for women who want to avoid heels and yet look attractive. Mojari for women are beautiful, handcrafted pieces that are a perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion sensibilities.

Indian ethnic shoes for men, known as mojari, is a pair of handcrafted, padded ethnic shoes. They have vivid patterns and colors, lots of embroidery, and ornamental work. Every male, from Indian royalty to regular people, wears them. Mojari for men, one of the ethnic shoes, is perfect for particularly significant occasions like weddings and other customary events. Mojari for men are embroidered and decorated with real silver and gold, stones, pearls, and other embellishments. However, mojari for men, one of the classic ethnic shoes are now adorned with beads and other items to lower their price. To keep up with the most recent fashion trends, mojari for men are still being refurbished.

Because they frequently feature exquisite embroidery and embellishments, these classy Punjabi-style slippers are the ideal option for giving your sherwani ensemble a premium edge. 

Style tip: Mojari for men can be worn with a kurta, churidar, or sherwani. With a pair of juttis, you could attempt the denim and kurta combo. Juttis or mojari for women work nicely with the Churidar – kurta and pajamas or jodhpurs but not the traditional dhoti because they are linked with north India. It merely appears out of place.

Pathani ethnic shoes:

You want a gorgeous shoe that will complement your clothes and simply look fantastic, but you also need something comfy that won’t rub when your feet warm up in the festive heat. Pathani ethnic shoes or Peshawari chappal, is a type of pure hard leather and a sole, usually made from truck tyres. Pathani shoes feature a closed-toe construction, intricate work, and a curled-up toe, making them a unique choice of footwear and a must have in your festive collection. The Pathani sandals look excellent with your standard kurta and pajamas. These ethnic shoes for men have a tough appearance and are recommended as the best footwear for smart casual outfits. These are fashionable since they are widely accessible and regarded as one of the most durable footwear options. These ethnic shoes for men have seen many variants from various brands.

For a casual yet elegant style, grooms often choose classic Pathani ethnic shoes. The traditional sherwani is given an understatedly stunning finish thanks to the delicate embellishments of these slip-on ethnic shoes.

Style tip: Matching your sherwani with pathani shoes can help you get the royal look. Without taking away from your attire, pathani shoes subtly offer a touch of refinement and elegance to your overall appearance. Pathani shoes will go well with most of the menswear that you are probably planning to wear to a wedding or other events. Pathani shoes are available in a variety of colors and are often made of leather, so you can be sure that they will last you for a very long time. Grooms who prefer a casual, yet elegant look frequently use classic Pathani ethnic shoes. The classic sherwani is given an understatedly stunning touch by these slip-on ethnic shoes, which have delicate accents.

Ethnic wedge heels for women:

Wedges that are fashionable and cozy for any festive days and surprisingly, ethnic wedge heels are adaptable and are a must have in your festive collection. Ethnic wedge heels come in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes, and you may wear them year-round. Women looking for high-heeled ethnic shoes without worrying about their balance are best served by wedges. They increase height while giving your feet a cozy and secure place to tread on. In addition, ethnic wedge heels are far more comfortable than pointed heels and can be worn for a lot longer periods of time.

Wedges are a terrific alternative to skinny heels and a must have in your festive collection for ethnic shoes since they provide greater stability and support. Because of this, they are easier to walk in or stand in while attending wedding functions. They work well for outdoor weddings and parties because of their robust soles.

Style tip: Put on a golden lehenga and diamond earrings with the wedge heels. If you want to use your wedges with a range of outfits, neutrals are best. Choose a vibrant piece in a color like red, yellow, pink, or orange for certain occasions and dresses. Shiny colors often make the wearer’s legs stand out. Along with specialized sundresses or sets, you could also pair vivid wedges with neutral-colored attire. For instance, a simple white kurta and basic flared skirt look fantastic with a red pair of heels. In conclusion, wedge heels go well with a variety of clothes. And if properly chosen, they will give your garment the necessary glitz and flair. Choose accordingly.

Ethnic block heels for women:

The block heels for women are not just a repeated blast from the past; it is here to stay. Breaking limits with a variety of designs and serving inspiration with its sheer adaptability, from work meetings to after-dark sophistication. Block heels for women are the solution to our prayers of not being forced to pick between beauty and ankle health at a crossroads, thus they’re guaranteed to control your shoe robe choices with a fashion-meets-functional attitude. Block heels for women have evolved with signature styles in every height, and they are also right on trend with today’s footwear. Block heels for women are stylish enough to go with your ethnic look and comfy enough to wear while you go through your daily routine. 

Block heels are typically more comfortable to walk in than thinner heels for a variety of reasons. Block heels’ broader base, which increases stability, is one factor. If you’re walking in bad weather or on uneven terrain, this can be extremely useful. Block heels also help to avoid soreness in the toes and balls of your feet by more evenly distributing your body weight. Finally, because of their bulky form, block heels typically have a better overall fit. Therefore, a block heel is a perfect choice to add to your festive collection if you’re seeking heel that you can walk in all day long without feeling uncomfortable during weddings or any evening functions.

Style tip: Green embroidered block heels are a must-have in your shoe festive collection. When paired with an embellished kurta and Kundan jewelry, its exquisite embroidery details would steal the show. A light blue shirt kurta with three-quarter sleeves and a collar was worn on top. The sleeve cuffs and button placket with a vibrant flower pattern & elasticized culotte pants will look great. Wear this kurta with the understated silver analog watch and blue block heel sandals to complete the idea of simplicity.


Your entire appearance can be altered by your ethnic shoes. Instead, it serves as the finishing touch that can quickly improve your complete appearance. For instance, wearing a pair of golden sandals with a small heel or a blingy red flat with the traditional red and white Bengali saree worn by women during the pooja will add to the elegance.

The Metro brand’s festive collection of shoes is ethereal, classic, and perfect for the festive season. You can find an elegant fit for each event of the wedding or celebration you are planning to attend thanks to our quirky, unique looks, deft handiwork, understated designs, and calming colors.