From Classic to Contemporary: Exploring the Types of Men Shoes

The history of all men’s shoes dates to the 19th century. There is no denying the crucial significance that premium leather plays in the creation of the many types of men shoes. Not much has changed in the way shoes are made or constructed over the years. All types of men shoes are still made using conventional concepts and techniques, like the Goodyear welting practiced in the past. Classic men’s shoes have a contemporary appeal because of their current styles and shapes. 

Therefore, when choosing a pair of traditional men’s shoes, it is essential to look at the material quality, fit profile, and comfort. But because there are so many different types of men shoes available, it could be difficult to tell them apart. Do you want to up your shoe game? Learning about the many designs of cozy types of men shoes is a terrific place to start.

The following 6 types of men shoes belong in every closet. Be it the attention-grabbing brogues or stylish and edgy oxfords, we have listed the best types of footwear for men.


Men’s boots, these types of footwear for men, come in a variety of styles, and we’ve listed them all here with styling tips for every occasion. First, the Chelsea boot is the ideal example of how casual and professional can coexist. These types of men shoes are a great way to update your look because they sit in the middle of dress shoes and boots. Second, simple in design, chukka boots, these types of men shoes, can be worn in a variety  have a little vintage appearance. However, just because these types of men shoes have an outdated appearance doesn’t mean they are no longer in fashion. In fact, these types of men shoes are popular right now, and these are the best of the best. Fourth, dress boots are quite uncommon, but if you have a pair in your wardrobe, they can easily make you appear to be the best-dressed man in the room at the next wedding you attend. Although you don’t necessarily want to outshine the groom, you undoubtedly will. These types of men shoes are a little taller, keep you cozy by encircling your ankles, and frequently offer more insulation than regular dress shoes.

Style tip: Chelsea boots, these types of men shoes, can be dressed up in formal clothing or down with more laid-back clothes. Chukka boots, these types of men shoes, are perfect to wear for any formal or traditional event as it comes under the types of formal shoes, too. It goes well with formal to casual outfits. Service boots, categorized under the different types of shoes for men, are perfect for any casual evening and are best paired with casual attire. Dress boots, these types of men shoes, are perfect to wear for any formal or traditional event and go well with formal to casual outfits. Darker shades of brown, black, or navy are best for wedding shoes in winter. Dress boots with leather soles and darker colors will go well with the current fashion. 


Loafers are essentially the ideal pair of timeless shoes for men’s fashion. These types of men shoes, also known as slip-on shoe, is adaptable, stylish, and traditional all at once. These types of men shoes have leather uppers that resemble moccasins with flat heels. In comparison to other styles of men’s dress shoes, they are also an exceptionally comfortable shoe alternative. Many men love that they have an active-inspired rubber outsole and may be worn with or without socks. The wear-anywhere colors black, brown, and tan are available in beautiful silhouettes on smooth leather tassel loafer styles.

Style tip: Jeans, cargo trousers, shorts, and T-shirts look excellent when worn with these types of men shoes made of leather or suede. Loafers are a types of men shoes that sits right on the line between casual and dressy. These are the best men’s shoes for office, out on a date, or while doing errands.


Fashion sneakersSlip ons are high quality men shoes and types of men shoes that are lower cut (not boots or booties), normally leather (but occasionally canvas), typically lace-up (though not always), typically non-athletic (but kind of sporty seeming), and sometimes worn casually. Non-athletic “sneakers” began to rise in popularity a few years ago, and they have only recently begun to peak. The reason is because they are incredibly adaptable and, let’s face it, incredibly cozy and useful.

Style tip: Almost any outfit looks good with these types of men shoes. Choose one of our finest these types of men shoes, and enjoy wearing it with cargo pants, shorts, chinos, or even jeans. Maybe not cargo pants, though. But anything else is up for grabs for these types of men shoes.


A casual slip-on shoe, these types of footwear for men, are neither a sneaker nor a dress shoe nor any types of formal shoes. These types of men shoes can be worn with casual attire on several occasions because it has leather uppers and performance outsoles. Now when we talk about casual slip-on sneakers, this laid-back men’s shoe style is a go-to for weekends and everyday wear. In the category of men’s sandals, slides are a slip-on types of men shoes that you can wear almost everywhere.

Style tip: For casual outfits like jeans and t-shirts, slip-on shoes work particularly well. On the other hand, these types of men shoes can also be paired with chinos and button-down shirts. Additionally, they go well with formal attire in muted, straightforward colors.


As we previously stated, the loafer was initially inspired by the moccasin. The word “Moccasin” is derived from the Powhatan language, which is different from that of the Algonquian people. Despite belonging to the same footwear family, the two styles of these mens footwear types are distinct from one another. Compared to loafers, these types of men shoes, moccasins are more laid-back and have distinctive stitching on the uppers. Native Americans have worn moccasins for generations, and it is thought that the earliest versions came to America from Asia. Moccasin shoes are typically made of leather, which extends their lifespan.

Style tip: Shorts, colored skinny jeans, formal dresses/suits, and other attire can all be worn with these types of men shoes. Always choose hues that complement your attire and personality; blue, brown, and maroon Moccasins are thought to be immediate classics. These are the best men’s shoes for formal wear and can be divided into two categories: hard-soled and soft-soled.


Both the name and these types of men shoes are fancy. The top of the low-heel shoes is perforated with holes. The design was created with a practical function in mind, but it ultimately served more of a fashionable one. The method of lacing the shoes allows you to distinguish between them. Every style of shoe has a special variation; in this case, these types of men shoes have an open lacing mechanism.

Style tip: These types of men shoes can go with ethnic or formal occasions. The mens footwear types, the English brogues, are a fantastic option for types of casual shoes for men when worn with a waxed cotton jacket or a tweed blazer and chinos or trousers. Brogues in brown and black go well with formal clothing like suits and blazers. Keep in mind that a formal shoe has less broguing.


Shoes are a crucial component of your daily outfit, whether you use them to make a fashion statement or as a comfortable travel companion. There are various types of men shoes that cater to different style preferences and occasions. This explains why mens footwear types have evolved into a crucial component of any man’s clothing. You can discover a stylish types of men shoes that will be a wise investment with the aid of our guide to various shoe varieties. Please keep in mind that for weekend look, classic chinos or trousers work well with different types of shoes for men.

Our list of the top sorts of men’s shoes will teach you the fundamentals of identifying the types of men shoes so you can make the best choice, whether you are a novice or a seasoned shoe enthusiast. To walk each step with the maximum confidence, use our styling advice.

When it comes to caring for the pair, the different types of shoes for men should be kept in a closed-off area to prevent dust buildup. Polish your shoes to give them a shiny appearance before leaving the house. The options will make it quite clear what to wear, where to wear it, and how to wear it.