Five Places Which Gave The World These Fantastic Five Pairs

A globetrotting experience is an affair to remember. The varied literature, cuisine, architecture, languages etc. are enriching and make us take many expeditions. Each country and place offer a different palette of escapades. Hidden in these places are stories and inventions which are mostly known to the world. These inventions might be a common sight today, however, they carry a prestige of being the cradle of many commodities. Likewise, the shoes that you wear originate from different places around the world. The loafers, the boots and the sneakers that you wear have pages of history to them, making you travel back in time to the place where it all started.  Next time you visit these five places, know what they have contributed to the world of shoes.

1)Ballerinas: Italy and France

In Latin, Ballare means to dance. The Ballerina shoes were tailormade to make sure that the dancers are comfortable and that they do not tamper in the process of dancing. Made of soft leather, the shoes were primarily crafted in satin sole with pointed ends. Next time you visit The Louvre make sure you give an ode to the classic footwear with these white and blue casual ballerinas.


2) Pumps: Egypt and Greece

When you visit the pyramids in Egypt and are soaked in the beauty of the ancient art, forget not that you are in the land which gave the world our favourite pumps. Essentially a men’s footwear, the pumps were moulded to suit women at work. No doubt there are mysteries stored in every nook and corner of this country.

3)Gladiators: Rome

We have seen the Roman rulers flashing dark-hued gladiators in films and books. There are records of ancient Greeks using the gladiators and altering the style to their comfort. The strappy shoes were influenced over the period of time and witnessed a lot of change in structure and colour palette (which we love)!

4)Mojaris: North India

Adorned by precious stones, gems and pearls, the juttis or mojaris were worn by the kings and the queens of Mughal dynasty. During their regime in India, mojaris were made in the northern part of the country and soon, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh became the hub of mojaris. Today, this is our go-to footwear for almost any and every event!

5)Espadrille: Spain

The modern espadrilles are far more different than what was made of them almost 4000 years ago. Both men and women find their comfort in the espadrilles which were made all over Spain for decades. Traditionally, it is the rope sole that distinguishes espadrille from the other footwear. When in Spain, do not miss a chance to get your hands on this classic pair.

The world offers a lot of adventure for those who put their shoes and get going. Get your pair on Metro Shoes and share with us a slice of a story from the journey!