Father’s Day Gifting Guide 2017

He’s been your main man all your life. Your hero, your knight, your king. He’s protected you from everything, he’s treated you to whatever you wanted and he’s taught you to be the best version of yourself all your life. So it’s only fitting that you dedicated one day in the year, if not your whole life, to celebrate him, his charisma, his gusto and everything that makes him Dad. This Father’s Day treat Daddy Dearest to our offerings and watch him light up.

1. Since Father’s Day is on 18th of June and it being a Sunday, it would be perfect for you to get some one on one time with Papa Bear. So take him out for coffee, just the two of you to have a tête-à-tête or a heart to heart. But coffee’s so normal, right? Why don’t you make it a coffee at an offbeat high-end coffee shop, where you both have to make sure you have to be dressed up? Help him pick out his clothes- a pair of chinos, a crisp shirt, a pair of sunglasses and as a present, gift him these classic Davinchi Loafers that no man should be without.

2. Take him to the movies. But amp it up by booking the recliner seats that come with pillows, a blanket, oh and butler service! This will be one of those moments he’ll cherish and an experience you two should have together. In the event that that’s not available, convert your home into a theatre and watch his favourite movie from his childhood with him and watch him recite the dialogues and sing along to the songs. As an added bonus, gift him this set of handkerchiefs, but they’re really for you as his joy will definitely bring you to tears.

3. Karaoke! A great way to help your pop blow off some steam and a fun bonding activity would be to croon to not only his favourites, but also yours! It would be a walk down memory lane for you both, where you could share your mutual love for songs and the stories behind them. Before you belt out those verses, make sure you gift him this dapper leather belt that he can use as a memento from your night of singing together.

4. Fancy dinner is always a nice way to say you care about someone, but if you want to truly personalize the experience for your dad, what you can do is call the restaurant in advance and request them to prepare something he loves to eat. If that isn’t possible, you can ask them to customize your dessert for your old man. And when the check comes out and he reaches for it, throw a curveball and gift him with this classy wallet.

Father’s Day 2017 is the perfect way to show your daddy that you treasure him and that he’ll always be your number 1. Choose from our wide collection of shoes or take him shopping to help him be his dapper self!