Different Types of Bags for Every Occasion: 2022 Edition

If clothes maketh the man, then a bag maketh the lady. Accessories can amplify a woman’s style statement manifold. They make you stand out in the crowd and lend your outfit a stylish yet functional charm. They not only add an edge to your ensemble but also act as a functional accessory that can prep you for any occasion. 

At Metro, we believe every woman deserves to have a bag of her choice or at least one statement go-to bag that does justice to her mood and personality. From everyday essentials to special day needs, there is a purse for every occasion and every woman. So, browse through the different kinds of purses and let your new bag do the talking.   

5 Essential Bags and Purses You Must Add to Your Collection

Bags are not just any accessory – they hold a majority stake when it comes to wardrobe investments. In fact, they have turned out to be an indispensable accessory in the recent times. No outfit can be deemed perfect without the inclusion of a purse or handbag. 

To help you choose one (or many), here is a list of bags that you must explore:



  • Classic Tote Bags 


Whether you are travelling, heading to college, going to the office, or headed to the mall for shopping, tote bags are the best choice for all occasions. They allow you to carry so much with you as they are spacious enough to keep everything you need throughout the day. Their minimal and sophisticated silhouette holds your belongings efficiently while still giving you a chic look. So, for your next after-work party, carry a change of clothes, makeup, and other essentials in a pretty tote bag. 



  • Multi-purpose Handbags


Are the tons of options in bags confusing you? If you nodded yes, fret not. Handbags will eliminate all the clutter in your head as well as bag! They feature different compartments and pockets to help you organise all your belongings the right way. They are available in various sizes, so pick a bag that suits your needs and you’re all set.  



  • Go-to Sling Bags Stepping out for a Sunday brunch or a late-night movie plan with your friends? For such impromptu plans, sling bags come in handy. They are neither too big nor too small – just perfect for casual outings. Furthermore, sling bags are comfortable to wear and stroll around in, which makes them a worthwhile investment when it comes to upgrading your bag collection. Team this bag with denim outfits or maxi dresses and add an edge to your casual attire just like that.



  • Hands-free Backpacks


If you carry books and laptops or like to keep your hands free when travelling, invest in backpacks. The weight of the sack is spread evenly across your shoulders and back in such bags. SO, it does not strain your muscles. You can find these bags in various styles, colours, designs, and sizes. There are so many options to choose from that the choices will stun you. 



  • Party-ready Clutches 


Going out for a girls’ night out or a date night with your significant other? Well, then, clutches are perfect for you. They have enough space to store your basic essentials and give you a stunning look when you hold them. So what are you waiting for? Go pick out that party dress and make a sizzling appearance by pairing it with a jazzy colourful or black clutch!

Now that you know all about bags, are you ready to pick one for the next adventure? Whether you are looking for bags for a specific event, travel plans, or daily commute, Metro Shoes has got everything covered. Browse and shop from our exciting range of bags through our online platform and flaunt your unique style.