Daddy Dearest

Father knows the best!
He is the guy who stands by you, protects you and will always take care of you. Everything they ever do, it’s with keeping you in their minds, so this Father’s Day, let’s take the time to mention our lovable creator.
Your dad can be a lot of things, but every dad identifies with one of these categories. Find out which your papa is.
1) Dr. Funnybones
He is your source of endless sarcastic one-liners and wisecrack jokes, never too shy to take your pompous self down when your ego has inflated like a balloon. He always knows how to make you smile when you are down and you can count on him for any awkward or embarrassing situation. He will always find humour in your disasters.

2) Mr. Tough Guy
You’d think being an A-listed, football team captain would win you enough merit with your dad; oh no young lad you are wrong. This is the dad that commands respect and sets tough boundaries. He makes sure you succeed in every aspect of your life and is highly critical of that punk friend of yours who plays the guitar or the one who is an ice-dancer. But he will always be on your side against the world and will grow easier on you as you mature.

3) Mr. Softie
He is the part of the tag team of parents, who melts at the drop of a hat. He is the goofy, lovable dad who is always your partner in crime and supportive of all your wild dreams. An absolute disaster when it comes to household chores and fashion choices, but he does have his dad game on-point. You are not fooled by his mellow side because he can be quite the dragon when it comes to your welfare.

4) Mr. Perfectionist
His tie is always straight and his watch always looks new. This dad has all his priorities in order and is never late for your PTA meetings. He can give you all the fashion and grooming advice you need because his style and persona gives you serious envy. Gleaming black boots to white canvas shoes, he knows his style and he knows his parenting.

5) Mr. Work Hard, Play Hard
If you can predict your dad’s moods by looking at the stock market, he is like your very on stock market ticker. Then again, he can kick back on the weekends and really throw down. He loves it whether it is number crunching or art designing. His ability to juggle his worklife and personal life with ease and finesse, gives you major life goals. He has taught you everything you know about working hard and playing harder.
No matter which category your daddy dearest fits into, he deserves all your love and care. Show him how much he means to you by presenting him with a pair of his favourite Da Vinchi’s available exclusively at Metro shoes.