Bucketlist Of To-Do Things This Valentine’s Day With Your Partner

The month of love is almost here and every hook and nook of the city is flooded with everything red and pink. If there is one occasion which everyone looks forward to, it is Valentine’s Day! Yes, we agree that love is worth celebrating every day. However, there is something about Valentine’s day that we secretly love. Come 14th February and couples in town start scratching their brains to find ways to surprise their partner. While our parents stick to saying a simple ‘I love you’ (that too with a lot of blushing and giggling), we make grand plans of professing our love to our partner. Even though flowers and chocolates still do the trick, it is time to break few clichés and add some excitement to your V-day plans! So, instead of gifting them something, indulge in fun activities together. Before you go into ‘laal mere dil ka haal hai’ zone, we have put forward some couple activities which are bound to fly super-romantic sparks. Pick whichever you and your partner love the most!

1)    Dance on an empty street, sit on the grass and star gaze

It really does not matter if you know how to dance or not. No one is expecting a minute of bachata from you. Just get out of your home, make the road your dance floor and sway in each other’s arms. Lay on the soft grass and just appreciate the existence of your partner. There is a different level of thrill in it. May be you can take out those red stilettoes and put them to good use. *cue in the scene from The Notebook*

2)    Sign up for an art class

Any mundane activity becomes exciting if your partner is game for it (including going to the grocery store for buying bread :p). Imagine the level of excitement when you both sign up for a painting class or a one-day poetry writing session. You might or might not learn a thing, but surely will have a ball of a time!

3)    Workout together

Couples who workout together, stay together. Personally, this is our favourite. Why you ask? Because you get to see your partner sweat, whilst huffing and puffing and still adore them anyway! Gear up for a race in sporty shoes and maybe you can challenge them for a set of squats and share a smoothie later.

4)    Take an absolutely unplanned road trip

Be a hippie together and don’t, we repeat, don’t plan it. Keep it as spontaneous as possible. Just choose a random destination, take out your car and head out. Let the road surprise you instead of sticking to the routine trip.

5)    Book a couple spa

Nothing gives you more happiness than a nice aromatic spa with your partner. Let go of all the tension and just breathe together. Or even better, give a massage to each other in the comfort of your home. Sounds calming, right?

6)    Sign up for an adventure activity

Scuba diving? Skydiving? Kayaking? Cycling? Bowling? Pick whatever excites you the most and just go for it! The adrenaline rush is sure to make you get a happy high.

7)    Read to each other

It may sound old school, but trust us, it is one of the most romantic activity ever. Pick up each other’s favourite author and read it to them. It is soothing to be in your bed with your partner, hear their voice and snuggle from time to time.

The universal language of love is best celebrated in comfort of each other’s companionship. Valentine’s day is an occasion to cherish your partner a bit more. While you choose your favourite activity, #FindYourPair at Metro Shoes and have a much-in-love Valentine’s day!