6 Urban Style Loafer Shoes to Help You Bring Your A-Game

6 Urban Style Loafer Shoes to Help You Bring Your A-Game 

If you are looking to add versatility to your footwear collection, explore the choices in loafer shoes. New designer loafers by most brands are classy and can add some much-needed jazz to your overall look. They’re also extremely comfortable and can be donned with any outfit.

As much as loafers are cool, it is still crucial to style them perfectly to ensure that you get that banger look. Here, we’ll talk about the six best loafers for women and how you can style them like a fashion queen. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Penny Loafer Shoes

The perfect partner for your formal outfits, penny loafers for women are classy, sophisticated and extremely versatile. They are best paired with suits and other office attire. These women’s loafers have a leather strap across the top that has a diamond-shaped slot holding a penny which is where the name comes from. Penny loafer shoes also look good with casual outfits, making them a great investment. 

Tassel Loafer Shoes

Perfect for the cute summer look, tassel loafers have been redefined with the elegant touch of tassels on the top. They give a laid-back look while adding an irritable charm to the footwear. You can pair ladies’ loafers with summer dresses, cute skirts and shorts to get that vacation mood on. 

Horsebit Loafer Shoes

Popularised by Gucci, these loafer shoes are now loved by women around the world. They have a metal clasp on the upper for closure. They have a pointy toe that adds to their sophisticated approach. The horse-bit loafers are meant to be worn with formal attire in an office setting where you wish to show authority and grace at the same time.

Apron Loafer Shoes

Easily identifiable with the stitches and edges that finish off the toe, the apron loafer shoes for women give you a luxurious look. Crafted in leather, they hold high ranks in the fashion charts. You can pair them with your fanciest outfits and they will complement them just perfectly. 

Driving Loafer Shoes

As the name suggests, these loafers were initially designed for driving. However, they were too cool to be used just for driving. Therefore, they were introduced to the fashion world for good. They have an impeccable grip and are extremely durable. These are ideally leather loafers, but given the importance of sustainability and catering to the vegan masses, they are also available in synthetic materials. 

Slip On Loafer Shoes 

Unlike the other loafers, slip-on loafer shoes stand out with their strappy designs and vibrant colours. They can be your perfect everyday companion to do regular chores, run quick errands or take night walks. 

End Your Search for the Best Loafer Shoes Online

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