4 Remedies To Avoid Stinky Feet – Metro Shoes

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There is nothing more embarrassing or off-putting than smelly feet. And through no fault of your own, you are judged and avoided, like the plague! Smelly feet can be attributed to two main causes- sweat and bacteria. Yes, they’re gross, but they’re the key reasons behind stinky feet. This problem can cause a great hindrance to your social life, in terms of when you’re at the gym, the outdoors in general, airports, temples, etc. So what must you do to rid yourself of this affliction? It’s quite simple really; stick by the following steps for stellar results!

This Socks!

Picking the correct material for your socks is vital. So stay away from the likes of polyester and nylon, and go for more breathable fabrics like cotton. Another handy tip would be to carry an extra pair of socks with you, in case the stench is out of control!

Spray It, Don’t Say It!

There are a number of anti-bacterial sprays available out there, but we suggest Zeolite, because it is herbal and gives you good value for money with its 1250 spritzes in a single can! It also guarantees 24 hours of stink-free feet!

Be A Soaker!

Invest in a foot soak for a both moisturizing and anti-bacterial experience. Your feet are subject to wear and tear, and a refreshing soak is just what the doctor ordered. You could also always DIY one.

Powder Power!

Dust the inside of your shoes with a think layer of powder. What this will do is, the powder will absorb the sweat and being lightly fragrant, will also control the odour.

We strongly suggest you try these techniques to alleviate that omnipresent stench. Tell us in the comments below which one worked best for you or your own version remedy.