4 Reasons To Leave Your Gumboots In Your Closet – Metro Shoes

As the monsoon rolls in, we find ourselves with soppy and soaking shoes. And you’re left with two options, wearing uncomfortably drenched shoes that disintegrate in the rain or wearing clunky and bourgeois gumboots. That was the case, until now. Until we launched our monsoon line. Find 4 reasons to leave those boring yesteryear pieces of footwear behind.


Reason 1:

They cause your pants to get wet:


The Metro Pink Ballerina is the perfect casual slipper to wear to college, school or on casual-day, to work! These make for a relaxed pair of slip-ons to wear during the downpour. So roll up your pants and adorn these shoes, made with sturdy, waterproof materials!

Shop them in three colors here: http://bit.ly/1MoNMYO


Reason 2:

They’re Bulky:

blue casual slipper

The Ipanema Blue Casual Slipper is the way to go when you’re trying to go the casual route. This flip-flop composed of rubber is the epitome of comfort, but still keeps things stylish. Shop this playful flip-flop here: http://bit.ly/1HMu0lN


Reason 3:

They’re not work-friendly:


The Crocs’ Black Ballerinas are the classiest way to keep your feet dry in the deluge! Perfect with work attire, this shoe goes from semi-formal to casual smoothly. Made with imported materials, the ballerinas are cozy and snug, preventing waterlogging inside your shoe!

Buy here: http://bit.ly/1IfYoHV


Reason 4:

Men shy away from gumboots:


Men, fret not, we also have a solution for your monsoon blues, and it’s in black! The Crocs Black and White Striped Flip Flop is the quintessential rain shoe to prevent your leather and suede ones from getting destroyed in the rain. These comfy and durable slip-ons are going to be your best friends as you brave the thunderstorms headed your way.

Buy this handy pair here: http://bit.ly/1MrZfH2


The rains are your shoes’ arch nemesis, however with these alternatives, vanquish this nefarious foe and “reign” triumphant time and time again. There’s no reason to bring out those gumboots, now that you have so many different options to choose from. So go ahead, replace those clunky boots with these no-nonsense comfortable substitutes, only as metroshoes.net.